Discover your writing, don’t hobble it


What do you write? Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, or maybe a subgenre of one of these.

What do you write? Short Story, Novel, Poetry, Flash Fiction or maybe an Epic.

If you only picked one item from each list, you just hobbled yourself. You put an invisible rope around your feet that only allows you small area to roam. I know I did it to myself. I would proclaim to anyone who would listen, that I was a Romance writer of full-length novels.

But I feel every writer is a multi-genre author if they only cut that invisible rope in their mind.

I was so focused on my novel series that I let many an idea slip through my fingers. Then one day I had thought about a conversation I’d had at the end of a writers group meeting. It refused to go away as many before had. So, to get it out of my head, I wrote it.

That story had no romance in it whatsoever. It was a dark comedy, short story. I presented it to my critique group and they tore it apart, but were very encouraging too. When the group decided to produce an anthology, I submitted the piece. Then the three members who were in my story wrote retaliatory pieces, which are all in the anthology.

Check out ‘A Murder of Authors’ the four part series at the end. Tales of the Forest

The next opportunity I had to write something different was a challenge on an author website, which is not around anymore. The challenge was to write a 500-word piece in which someone must dance. Wala! I wrote my first Flash Fiction piece.

When my father past away, the only thing that helped me express myself was poetry. Some of the poetry is sad, but some is joyful. Writing helped me deal with a loss and I will always be grateful for that.

Recently I saw an advertisement for submissions for the Chicken Soup for The Soul series. One of the books is about ‘My Crazy Family’ and a story from my past instantly came to mind. Now I have another comedic short story ready for submission.

Now don’t get me wrong. My passion is still Futuristic Romance novels.

But now I know that I can write something else. I’m no longer stuck in my little area only focusing on one thing. The other benefit is that some of that comedy can leak into my novels giving lighthearted moments for my characters to enjoy themselves.

Consider your writing. Are you hobbled, or are you free to roam the genres? If you’re free, what other area would you like to explore?


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